"To inspire, mobilize and empower willing individuals
to make epic changes in their own community."

Dropping that Tiny Pebble into the Pond

on Thursday, February 11, 2010
at 7:04 AM

picture taken by Ruey Shyang

Being from the "instant generation" we operate at light speed. With the aid of technology, we are constantly connected; information, knowledge and messages are transfered in a blink of an eye. We demand efficiency because we expect nothing less, we want results, and we want it fast. We are energetic and restless to make a change or see changes. Unfortunately, we have became impatient and somehow lost the entire point itself. We became caught up in the experience, in the EVENT but somehow lost track of the processes and lost the thirst for adventure.

So often do we hear, see and read of stories of history's greats and the feats they have accomplished. They obviously went out to achieve great deeds that we want to emulate. We get excited and we aspire to be like our heroes or at least achieve something of similar proportions. We dare to be great. However, we miss the baby steps they took which started their race into our history books.

I am a firm believer in the power to change the world around us. We have that within us. However, change or rather TRUE change takes time and processes, very often long ones. More often than not, the progress may seem so minute to the eye that we question the time and effort spent. "Is it worth it or not?” we ask ourselves. We doubt ourselves and we underestimate the impact of the little pebble you dropped into the pond. What you might have forgotten is that the ripples only gets bigger from there and if you believe that it can, you can throw it with all your might and the ripples might just reach the ends of the pond. You just got to believe it. Have a little faith will you?

Someone recently told me that you will never be wrong if you do what you think is the right thing. I couldn't agree more, if you think it is right to help somebody out of whatever state they're in, do it and have no regrets.
What we recently did may seem rather superficial and not that much. An exterior paint job and 1 toilet and 1 shower place? What help did we really do? That answer is purely subjective.

However, the fact of the matter is the pebble has been dropped and the ripples are continuing to grow bigger. I'd dare not underestimate the size of the pebble, I hope you don't too because this is only the beginning.

The GEL (Growing Emerging Leaders) team is mainly comprised of young adults aged between 18 - 26.

GEL began its life in August 2006. It is a group of youth, gathering every Monday to study how to apply leadership and value based principles in their lives. GEL was started to address the needs of our youth when they integrate with the workforce. One of the principles we expound in our lessons is to be externally focused - i.e. to always give back to society / community.

Resulting from that, the EPIC Project was born. EPIC (Extraordinary People Impacting Community) is a project that is predominantly focused on the plight of our Orang Asli and how we can assist to raise their standard of living in the long term. Whilst this toilet-building project is the first, it is our hope that with the awareness generated by this project, we will be able to garner support for the next project which will be to help the Orang Asli children integrate into government schools.


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"To inspire, mobilize and empower willing individuals to make epic changes in their owncommunity."

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