"To inspire, mobilize and empower willing individuals
to make epic changes in their own community."


on Sunday, March 7, 2010
at 9:59 AM

So things have just got interesting.

We have found new partners and we have a new target of 2 million. Yeap, it just reached a new level of EPIC-ness if there is such a thing.

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Let me start from the beginning. The EPIC target of 1 million is already a step of faith and would not be achieved without collaboration, therefore it was natural when we put out our call for unity, we got immediate responses. One of them was from Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM), an organisation which we found out are planning to undertake this crazy task to. One thing led to another and soon we found ourselves at their headquarters joining them for the screening of an amazing documentary called "10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka" (10 years before independance). It was informational and extremely inspiring and we highly recommend it for everyone and anyone.

After the screening, we were invited to give our opinions of the film and somehow it found its way into one of the GEL team member's hands. Of course we were there to speak about the potential collaboration between our efforts. So basically, using that opportunity, our member informed the people about our rather insane mission of registering 1 million people and a little bit more.

Quickly we found that our flaming passion and undying excitement was more contagious than we thought, we will be collaborating with SABM and they came with a condition. They said that they will be with us fully if we raised our target to 2 million. Well, guess what? we said YES!

So now, we definitely need all the help we can. It seems like our swim in the deep blue sea just got sharks thrown into the picture. We definitely need help, and I hope that you will help spread this call for help. Not to help us, but to help your neighbours, your nation. This is OUR JOINT GOAL ! to make history.

I only hope that you future collaborators will not come with such conditions, I don't think our hearts can take that just yet. 2 million is enough for now.

We are extremely excited and cannot wait to see us join hands as one.


The GEL (Growing Emerging Leaders) team is mainly comprised of young adults aged between 18 - 26.

GEL began its life in August 2006. It is a group of youth, gathering every Monday to study how to apply leadership and value based principles in their lives. GEL was started to address the needs of our youth when they integrate with the workforce. One of the principles we expound in our lessons is to be externally focused - i.e. to always give back to society / community.

Resulting from that, the EPIC Project was born. EPIC (Extraordinary People Impacting Community) is a project that is predominantly focused on the plight of our Orang Asli and how we can assist to raise their standard of living in the long term. Whilst this toilet-building project is the first, it is our hope that with the awareness generated by this project, we will be able to garner support for the next project which will be to help the Orang Asli children integrate into government schools.


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"To inspire, mobilize and empower willing individuals to make epic changes in their owncommunity."

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