"To inspire, mobilize and empower willing individuals
to make epic changes in their own community."

Important Updates

on Friday, March 19, 2010
at 11:02 PM


We have confirmed 3 locations for our Klang Valley Launch that will be held on the 3rd and 4th of April. 

1. E-Curve Mall (formerly known as Cinelesiure Damansara)

2. Subang Parade

3. Amcorp Mall 

For all who wants to help out with promotion, setting up and registering voters, pls email us at 


Pls send your details as listed


Pls do state which location you would prefer so that we could organize you. 

Thanks ! We look forward to hearing from you. 

What 'Voice your Choice' is all about

First things first, to clear all doubts and suspicionneither EPIC for UNITY nor Voice your Choice are tools of any political party. We are strictly non-partisan and not affiliated with any political parties. We have found out that many people cannot comprehend this but YES, we are SINCERELY doing this because we realize as youths we need to take up our responsibility to make our nation something we can all be proud of.  Nation development is rather tricky and even though we youths are anxious to make a difference, we dare not say we can do it without the wiser more experienced generation. Therefore, all who have asked if there is an age limit or if you are TOO OLD? The answer is NO there is no age limit to dreams.

Voice your Choice is created by youths for ALL Malaysians
This is what it is all about…

This is not about PR or BN or any political parties  

This is not about overthrowing the government 

This is where corporate and political rivals can work together to meet a common need

This is where our faiths unite regardless of religion 

This is about uniting all Malaysians for Malaysia

This is where we obtain the peace that comes from within and are not driven by our environment or circumstance. Peace is with those who can wake up every morning knowing they have done everything to the best of their abilities in making this country a better place.

This is about conquering ourselves, finding our voice and believing that it counts. Only then can we know that this government, nation and world will be cured of the diseases that plague them.

This is about using a new yardstick to measure another fellow human, not by his race, status, and profession or academic achievement, but by the same belief that we want a better future and Equality for all.

The goal that we have set can only be met when we successfully organize ourselves as one peopleWhen we hit the 2 million mark, only then will we know that we have conquered our past and successfully become one Rakyat.

We learn from our past but are never haunted by it. We are dedicated and committed to using our present to shape our future. Join us!

P/S Thank you Farida for correcting our manglish =) 

The GEL (Growing Emerging Leaders) team is mainly comprised of young adults aged between 18 - 26.

GEL began its life in August 2006. It is a group of youth, gathering every Monday to study how to apply leadership and value based principles in their lives. GEL was started to address the needs of our youth when they integrate with the workforce. One of the principles we expound in our lessons is to be externally focused - i.e. to always give back to society / community.

Resulting from that, the EPIC Project was born. EPIC (Extraordinary People Impacting Community) is a project that is predominantly focused on the plight of our Orang Asli and how we can assist to raise their standard of living in the long term. Whilst this toilet-building project is the first, it is our hope that with the awareness generated by this project, we will be able to garner support for the next project which will be to help the Orang Asli children integrate into government schools.


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If you'd like to contribute monetarily, we have set up a bank account with the following details:

Bank: CIMB
Branch: Subang Jaya
Account No: 1261-0002228-05-3

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Our EPIC Mission

"To inspire, mobilize and empower willing individuals to make epic changes in their owncommunity."

Our EPIC Values

Embracing people without discrimination
Pride without arrogance
Integrity in all that we do, say and think
Committed compassion to all

GEL supports transparency!

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Note: Funds received specifically for one event that remain after the event has passed will be recycled into the budgets for subsequent events.

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